Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

I started to make my home made dog treats for my dog Tucker. I created my own recipe using human grade ingredients. Word got around and I had people asking to buy my treats for their dogs. And that’s when The Wagging Tail Bakery began. I realized that many pet owners would rather feed my treats to their pets because it is a healthier alternative to the store bought treats with added preservatives in them. I hope your best friend enjoys the treats as much as my best friends "Tucker" & "Babe" do.

Stores that carry our product:

Miller and Sons - Mt. Horeb WI
Miller and Sons - Verona WI
Mullins Cheese - Mossinee WI
North Crossing Foods - Spooner, WI
Sunrise Orchards - Gays Mills, WI
Time and Again Vintage - Dodgeville, WI
Woodman's Market

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